Thursday, September 04, 2014

REINA hires Kana as a "consultant"

Anyone who watches the WWE or TNA knows that a lot of the angles are driven by kayfabe authority figures. Right now Kane is an authority figure in the WWE and Kurt Angle does the same in TNA. REINA decided to take a page out of this book and at their latest show, they announced that Kana is now a consultant. Of course the purpose of this is to rekindle the old feud between Kana and current REINA champ Syuri. Of course this goes back to the dying days of SMASH when Syuri won that belt from Kana. Though both women followed Tajiri to WNC, Kana wasn't there very long over a financial dispute between her and WNC management. She has been freelancing since then. then a few months ago, WNC dumped their joshi division to REINA. It was called a merger at the time. But I'm sure you have noticed that WNC is out of business. So yesterday there was a press conference to announce that on Sept. 30 at Korakuen Hall, Syuri will defend her WNC belt against Makoto who also worked for WNC. I don't know why REINA is keeping this belt. They should just ditch it because they don't need it. But we have seen in the past that these companies will keep useless belts for no reason. But it becomes apparent at the press conference that keeping the WNC belt is Kana's idea so she can get revenge on Syuri. Knowing this, Syuri objects to Kana's presence at the press conference and obviously doesn't think she should be an authority figure. Not surprisingly, the press conference ends with Kana and Syuri trying to get at each other. Neither Syuri or Makoto are happy as the press conference is supposed to be about them. Look, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see where this is going. Kana sure is a lot of fun. It was also announced that Syuri will have her own Syuri Carnival show Oct. 30 at Shinjuku FACE. And REINA also announced that former STARDOM wrestler Eri Susa is now working for REINA. She left STARDOM in Dec. 2013 after suffering an elbow injury. She says she is freelancing but wants to work for REINA.

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