Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 2

Here's the video of episode 2 of The Ultimate Fighter 20. This week's fight has Joanne Calderwood of Team Pettis vs Emily Kagan of Team Melendez. Joanne is the favourite. I think Emily is ranked a little high. The episode begins with Randa Markos' victory celebration at the TUF house. The Team Pettis coaches bring her lunch. It becomes obvious that the drama in the house will focus on Felice Herrig and Heather Clark and we all know they hate each other and they will fight each other in round one. It appears Heather is being set up to be very annoying. She complains there is no blender in the house to the point where the other girls mock her. Then on the way to the gym, she tries to take a leadership role and tells the other Team Melendez girls not to be friendly to the Team Pettis girls. Rose Namajunas says she won't go along with that and the others follow her lead. At the gym, there are complaints that the Team Pettis coaching is inconsistent. Felice suggests a team meeting and it is hashed out. Meanwhile, Heather and Rose literally butt heads during Team Melendez training and both need stitches. Gilbert Melendez says it's no big deal. Before the fight, we see Joanne with her family in Scotland and Emily talks about leaving her family in Israel to train in New Mexico. Now it's time for the fight. Joanne gets off to a slow start in round one. But Emily doesn't get much offense in either. Joanne finally lands some punches towards the end of the round so I scored it 10-9 for her. But it was close. Joanne told Marc Raimondi of Fox Sports that Emily kept backing up and refused to engage. I understand the strategy but Emily needed to do more and didn't. Joanne caught her stride in round two and scored a takedown, some elbows, a kimura attempt followed by a triangle attempt. Emily was on top but Joanne had control. I scored the round 10-9 for Joanne so I thought she won 20-18. Two of the judges scored it 20-18 and the other scored it 19-19. Joanne Calderwood wins by majority decision. I still believe Joanne could have problems with an opponent with a high level ground game. She could face Rose Namajunas in the next round. That could be a tough fight for Joanne. I like Joanne's standup but her frustration with Emily made this fight closer that it should have been. I liked Emily's strategy but she needed to get more offense in. Next week Jessica Penne will face Lisa Ellis. They are selling it as an Invicta rematch. Enjoy the video!

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