Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 3

Here's the video for The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 3. The fight in this episode will be Jessica Penne vs Lisa Ellis. They are hyping this as a rematch of "the bloodiest fight in women's MMA history" from a couple of years ago in Invicta. It's just another reason why I don't like set matchups for this show. This episode begins with Dana White calling Bec Rawlings into his office. Her mom called from Australia and Bec's stepfather died. Apparently he had been sick for a long time but of course it's still tough to be half way around the world. Normally TUF contestants are cut off from the outside world while in the house. But White let Bec talk to her mom for as long as she wanted. And later her coach Gilbert Melendez brought her flowers. The scenes in the house continue to focus on Heather Clark trying to be a leader and the others led by Rose Namajunas telling her to knock it off. I expect this to continue for the rest of the series. The other girls seem to get along. It's just Heather who is causing drama. What I got from the pre-match interviews is that maybe Lisa Ellis should have stayed home. After that Invicta match, Lisa and husband Eddie Ellis had a daughter who is now one year old. This will be her first match back. Team Melendez coach Jake Shields is concerned that Lisa's head is elsewhere. There are no such problems with Jessica Penne. So I was not surprised when Jessica won the match fairly easily in round one with a rear naked choke. Melendez is pissed. Next week's match will have #1 seed Carla Esparza of Team Pettis vs #16 seed Angela Hill of Team Melendez. They teased a possible upset at the end of the show which means the match will probably go the opposite way. Also there will be more Heather Clark drama. Enjoy the video!

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