Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jessica Andrade vs Larissa Pacheco

Here's the video for Jessica Andrade vs Larissa Pacheco from last night's UFC show in Brasilia, Brazil. It was on UFC Fight Pass and I know many fans don't subscribe. Jessica's opponent for this fight was supposed to be Valerie Letourneau. But a knee injury forced her out to be replaced by Larissa who just turned 20 last week. She comes to the UFC as the Jungle Fight Women's Champion with a 10-0 record. Also none of her fights went the distance. But most of her opponents are unknown. She's young so she has potential. But the UFC is a big step up in competition. The other thing that supposed experts brought up is that Larissa is 5'7" and Jessica is 5'2". Height is not much of an advantage in MMA. Most tall fighters don't know how to use their height anyway. I've never thought height was meaningful. What is meaningful is Jessica's UFC experience and that she has looked good in her last two wins. But the oddsmakers ignored that and made Larissa the favourite based on a padded record and perceived height advantage. Yeesh! The only way for Larissa to use her height is to throw jabs and keep Jessica at a distance. But Jessica is aggressive right from the start and goes for the clinch and then a takedown. I guess there is no height advantage in bottom position. Jessica continued to press her position advantage with ground and pound. Larissa tried to get out from under but was never really able to do that. She threw kicks from her back but Jessica used some slick moves to retain top position. At least Larissa got her in closed guard. As UFC commentator Kenny Florian said, a submission from closed guard is unusual. But Jessica hooked a guillotine choke and Larissa tapped. Of her 12 wins, this is the fifth time Jessica has won with a guillotine choke. And that's a hold that a lot of fighters attempt but can't get a finish from it. I liked Jessica before she came to the UFC. Maybe a win like this will get her some respect. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Frank, thanks for the video. Like others I do not subscribe to UFC fight pass. Will watch later tonight.