Monday, September 08, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 1

So here we are again with the return of WWE Total Divas. As with the first two seasons, I will post the video of each episode with my review hopefully separating fact from fiction as the producers like to make up phony storylines. After a recap of season two, we go to Concord, CA to join Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan. You may recall that they eloped last season after Eva Marie's father refused to give his blessing. After attending Brie Bella's wedding to Bryan Danielson, Eva Marie decides she wants to have a big wedding after all. So what does she do? She has the two of them do a sexy photo shoot. They plan to send one of the pics with the invitations. Who does that in real life? I guess it's an excuse to put Eva Marie in a bikini. The real reason behind this is to have the wedding on the season finale. So next we go to Nashville for RAW and the Divas meet with Talent Relations stooge Mark Carrano. Summer Rae is absent as she is shooting the movie The Marine 4 with Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. We are introduced to new Total Divas cast member Rosa Mendes. Even rabid WWE fans might be surprised that Rosa still works for the WWE. Her real name is Milena Roucka from Vancouver, BC. She's a model and was in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. After signing, she was in WWE developmental at OVW and then FCW for over two years. When she was brought up to the main roster, she was used mostly as a valet. When used as a wrestler, it was as a jobber. In a recent interview, she admitted that she has never won a match on TV. She was pulled off of a 2013 European tour to go to rehab. Apparently she was partying too much. So now she's back complete with new boobs. Carrano asks Nattie Neidhart to keep an eye on her and make sure she behaves. Nattie doesn't want to do this but reluctantly agrees. So now we go to the Bella Twins. After Brie's wedding, Nikki's boyfriend John Cena softened his anti-marriage stance. Nikki is hoping that someday Cena also softens his reluctance to have children. So they decide Nikki will have her eggs frozen just in case he changes his mind. The big problem with this is Nikki doesn't want to tell Cena she is doing this. Shouldn't she know better by now? Never let common sense get in the way of a phony rehashed reality show storyline. Freezing these eggs is complicated. So Nikki's decision to hide this from Cena will inevitably bite her in the ass. Eva Marie goes to tell her parents about the wedding. They want a full Catholic ceremony but Jonathan isn't Catholic. He says he won't convert. Then her mom tells Eva that dad's cancer has returned and he has been under chemo. He didn't tell Eva because he didn't want her to worry. This whole storyline is deja vu because of last season. Reality show producers like this crap. I just think it's bogus. So Rosa is having her first match at a Superstars taping. She's sharing a hotel room with Nattie who is also her opponent. Earlier in the show, we discover that Rosa likes to prance around home nude, even in a hotel room. Nattie can't believe it and tells her to put on some clothes. So Nattie thinks she's nuts. Then before her match, Rosa is upset because the other girls make fun of her. After the match, Nattie gives her a pep talk which was the most authentic moment in this episode and maybe Nattie's best moment in the series to date. Don't worry. She will get to embarrass herself later this season. The WWE is using this relationship in current storylines that portray Rosa as Nattie's inept tag team partner. This episode ends with John Cena finding stuff that Nikki is using to freeze her eggs. I expect him to be upset with her not because she is freezing her eggs but because she tried to hide it from him. Enjoy the video and see you next week.
WWE Total Divas S03E01 2014-09-07 720p HDTV by AnorDaEpicOne

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