Thursday, October 03, 2013

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode five

Here's the video for The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode five. In the aftermath of last week's loss, this episode begins with the camera finding Roxanne Modafferi trying to avoid the cameras to have a good cry. She immediately stops when she spots the camera. She still wants to be The Happy Warrior but at this point it seems like a facade. There's nothing happy about losing. This week's fight is Davey Grant of Team Rousey vs Louis Fisette of Team Tate. Fisette lost his qualifying match and then got into TUF as an injury replacement. So he would be the underdog no matter who he was fighting. And Grant is really good especially at Muay Thai. In his background video, Grant talks about his kids and how he got into MMA. All Fisette talks about is being the underdog. It doesn't help when Anthony Gutierrez calls Fisette the weak link of the cast. Fisette seems very unsure of himself. There is discussion how some guys eat too much and how will they cut weight when the time comes. And Raquel Pennington comes out as gay. I guess this is a big deal to some but not to me. The special guest coach this week is Ronda Rousey's mom. As most fans should know by now, Dr. AnnMaria DeMars was a world judo champ in 1984. And of course she trained Ronda. She knows her stuff. But viewers should get a clear idea why Ronda is so intense and competitive. She gets that from her mom. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Ronda has said that her number one fear of losing is facing her mom afterwards. Think about that. Fear can be a very powerful motivator. So now we get to the fight. Grant dominates round one but Fisette is saved by the bell. The domination continues in round two and Grant wins with a rear naked choke. It turned out pretty much as expected. Next week's fight will be Jessamyn Duke of Team Rousey vs Raquel Pennington of Team Tate. There seemed to be less drama in this episode. But Ronda's mom is more interesting than any drama. Enjoy the video!
UFC The Ultimate Fighter - S18E05 (HQ) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv2

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