Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DEEP JEWELS sets Lightweight Championship tournament matches

Sugi Rock, Masako Yoshida
Today DEEP JEWELS announced the brackets for the Lightweight Championship tournament to be held Nov. 4 at Shinjuku FACE. They also added a match that could set up the next challenger for the Flyweight Championship. In the Lightweight Championship tournament, Mika Nagano will face Emi Tomimatsu and MIZUKI will face Emi Fujino. MIZUKI faced Fujino a couple of years ago in a J-Girls kickboxing match. I seem to recall that MIZUKI broke Fujino's nose. I don't think it makes any difference. MIZUKI is the favourite. She should be the favourite. And it would be a big upset if she lost to any of the other three. Fujino has the best chance to beat her but I don't expect it. The added match is Sugi rock vs Masako Yoshida at 48kg. Sugi Rock trains at the Akza branch of WK. Her record is 8-3 but she is on a three fight losing streak. She really needs a win. Yoshida has been fighting since 2003. She trains at FIGHT CHIX. Her record is 17-18-5 and she won over Satomi Takano on the Aug. 31 DEEP JEWELS show. That was considered an upset. That was after a four fight losing streak. Yoshida has the ability to pull an upset. But her rep is she cares more about her hair and ring attire than winning the fight. But if Sugi Rock doesn't snap out of it, Yoshida could upset her. The winner of this match could challenge the winner of the DEEP JEWELS Flyweight Championship match between Ham Seo Hee and Sadae Manhoef that will main event this show. DEEP JEWELS also announced there will be no pointless filler kickboxing matches on this show. That's probably the best news I've seen about this show.

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