Sunday, October 27, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jessica Andrade vs Rosi Sexton

Here's the fight video of Jessica Andrade vs Rosi Sexton from yesterday's UFC show in Manchester, England. Manchester is Rosi's home town so I expected her to be up for this fight. She said that her experience would trump Jessica's youthful exuberance. I'm sure UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby was wondering if we would see the Jessica Andrade that we both saw fight in Russia earlier this year. That fight got her in the UFC. Keep in mind that both fighters are undersized for 135lb. As I'm sure you have heard by now, Jessica delivered a one sided beatdown. I scored it 30-26. I guess the hope was Rosi could wear Jessica out but instead Jessica wore her out. At the end of round one, Jessica dropped Rosi and then hit an illegal knee while Rosi was down. The ref called it but didn't penalize Jessica. You can't see it live but on the replay, the knee looked inadvertent and it hit Rosi in the shoulder. That's why there was no penalty. A lot of folks including UFC president Dana White thought the fight should have been stopped at the end of round two. The discussion is a continuation of last week's uproar over Junior Dos Santos. In both cases, it's an emotional reaction. So knowing that, I try to look at these kind of things objectively. Rosi was certainly taking a beating but should the fight have been stopped? Well, even with that, she still has her arms up so she's still defending. And she's still firing back though neither her defense or offense are effective. If she is not defending and she slumps down to the canvas, that's when you stop it. Rosi even got a takedown at the end of the round. The doctor looked at her between rounds and OKd her for round three. Rosi was beat up and had nothing for Jessica in round three but I would have been very surprised if she quit or her corner throws in the towel. And this can't be legislated because reffing is subjective. Each ref is different. Some refs...cough, cough...Kim Winslow...cough, cough...would have stopped the fight. Most would not have stopped the fight. Much respect to Rosi for hanging in there though she was getting clobbered. I guess the "R" word will come up again. Remember Rosi retired and only returned to fight in the UFC. The big question about Jessica is can she compete with the larger fighters in the division. She did great in this fight. Enjoy the video!
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