Sunday, October 06, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Megumi Fujii retirement match and ceremony

So Megumi Fujii retired yesterday at the VTJ show. You can watch her retirement match and ceremony right here on the blog. I'm sure you have read already that her fight against Jessica Aguilar did not turn out well because of Jessica's carelessness and Shooto's bungling. This nonsense reinforced my belief that Megumi should have had an exhibition match instead of a real fight. It makes no difference to Japanese fans. They go to see the retirement ceremony. Megumi knows the tradition. And if the opponent hadn't been Jessica, it would have been an exhibition match. Fans here don't understand this because we don't have that tradition. And exhibition matches are usually a lot of fun. This fight turned into a nightmare. Jessica poked Megumi in the eye. Megumi was fine. But then she does it a second time. That's just wanton carelessness. There is really no excuse for it. But then those Shooto idiots make it worse. The procedure for eye pokes is the fighter is given five minutes and if unable to continue, the fight is declared a no contest. These dopes waited almost twenty minutes before Megumi agrees to go ahead and it was obvious she couldn't see out of her right eye. The fight should have been stopped. And then when the doctor stopped the fight after round two, Shooto declared Jessica the winner. They claimed that after the fight resumed, it couldn't be a no contest anymore. Huh? Where did those morons get that idea? Obviously the fight should have been a no contest. It's pathetic bungling. The retirement ceremony is typical of others I have seen in the past. The highlight is Megumi's parents and her niece. Remember her dad started her in judo when she was five years old. He looked so proud that he would burst. Then the ten bell salute and Megumi Fujii's retirement is official. Megumi said she will continue to lead martial arts in Japan. And that's why I posted the group picture with Megumi's family and friends. Look at all the kids. Megumi Fujii's legacy is much broader than MMA and began many years before she became a pro fighter. Did you know there was a fighter on yesterday's show making his MMA debut and Megumi has trained him since he was eight years old. That will be Megumi Fujii's continuing legacy. Pro fighters will continue to come from all over the world to train with her. She has started officiating at amateur judo tournaments. She will be a broadcaster at VTJ. But the most important thing is she will continue to teach the largest children's martial arts program in Japan. And teaching kids is more important to her than any of her MMA accomplishments. Megumi Fujii has contributed to martial arts for many years and that will continue. I look forward to her future accomplishments. Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Frank, great posting as usual. All I can say is God Bless Megumi Fuji for all of her many fine accomplishment's. You are right about her legacy and I am glad she will continue to teach. She is a great teacher and her influence will be felt for many more years to come. Congrats to her. Defshepard.