Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 6

Here's the video for episode 6 of The Ultimate Fighter 18. The match on this show has Jessamyn Duke of Team Rousey vs Raquel Pennington of Team Tate. The UFC liked the fight so much they wanted to concentrate on the fight so there is very little drama on this episode. The boredom level in the house is so high that Julianne Pena talks Raquel and Sarah Moras into letting her dress them up to look like hookers. Of course they look ridiculous but I guess that's the point. Everyone watches the fights at a pool party. There was no drama but Jessamyn stays behind. She says she wouldn't normally go out the night before a fight so she wasn't going to do it now. She also said she could have been a model but didn't like it much. She could do both things. Money is money. When everyone gets home, Anthony Gutierrez acts like a drunken idiot while the girls are trying to sleep. They turn the tables on him the next morning. Neither of these fighters has much of a ground game. Both prefer to stand. So the fight was a stand up war as expected. And it was very close. In the past, I have noticed that Raquel is a counterpuncher and that's what she does in round one. Jessamyn initiates more of the action. She is particularly effective with a front kick to get distance followed by a clinch. She also had a standing guillotine for a while. So I gave round one to Jessamyn. Between rounds, Miesha Tate tells Raquel to be more aggressive and do more than counterpunching. That was very good advice and Raquel actually did that and won round two. But where were Jessamyn's front kicks to set up the clinch? She stopped doing that. I thought the tide had turned and Raquel carried that momentum into the third round and I thought she won decisively. I think both will get UFC contracts. I enjoyed the fight but I'm going to be a little contrary. It was a glorified kickboxing match and it's funny how fans always seem to enjoy that more than grappling or jiu jitsu. Throw in the standing guillotine and I guess we could call it Shoot Boxing. But don't you think one successful takedown with a submission attempt or ground and pound would have tipped the scales in favour of one of them? But neither of them is any good at that. They will have to work on that stuff because other fighters are good at that. So afterwards, Miesha attempts to shake hands with Team Rousey and Ronda tells her to take a hike. So the usual idiots are whining that Ronda is a poor loser. Well, DUH! Why is anyone surprised? She also thinks that Miesha is full of crap. Next week's episode will have Josh Hill of Team Tate vs Michael Wooten of Team Rousey. And it looks like Dana White tires of Team Tate's baiting. Enjoy the video!
UFC The Ultimate Fighter S18E06 - Full Show (HQ) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv2

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