Friday, October 18, 2013

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 7

Here's the video for episode 7 of The Ultimate Fighter 18. Unfortuntely, the guy who posting episodes to Daily Motion disappeared. So I have to find it someplace else. And this guy likes to upload videos like there is still a ten minute time limit. There isn't. The fight on this show is Josh Hill of Team Tate vs Michael Wooten of Team Rousey. UFC president Dana White was hoping to end the blowups between the two teams. He comes into the gym and finds pictures that he knows will antagonize Ronda Rousey and especially trainer Edmond Tarverdyan. It's a picture of a character from the film Dodgeball and they are using it to irritate Edmond. White is not happy and takes most of the pictures down. But he misses a couple and Anthony Gutierrez finds one and shows it to Ronda and Edmond. Ronda interprets this as racist to Armenians. It's not but it is childish especially when Miesha Tate knew that White didn't want any of this stuff going on. And then Miesha wonders why Ronda gives her the finger instead of shaking her hand after a fight. Well, DUH! We also get to see a couple of Ronda's unorthodox training methods. On to the fight. Josh Hill is a good grappler but he's not a finisher. Michael Wooten prefers standing. Hill takes Wooten down and controls him but doesn't do much. Wooten comes back but Hill wins round one. Wooten nails Hill with a knee at the start of round two and Hill never recovers from that. So we have a tie and a third round. Wooten wins and shows he is a more complete fighter. When Miesha attempts to shake Ronda's hand, she gets the finger again. Ronda explains that she believes Miesha is fake and is just putting on a show for the camera. She won't go along with it. And I don't know why some think she should go along with it. Next week will be a recap show. And in two weeks it will be Peggy Morgan of Team Rousey vs Sarah Moras of Team Tate and Anthony Gutierrez of Team Rousey vs Cody Bollinger of Team Tate.

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