Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Pearl Gonzalez vs Cortney Casey

This fight was on the Oct. 18 XFC show in Nashville. It was for XFC's 125lb title. I am posting the fight video because there has been a protest and a couple of fans asked me about it. I watched the fight and now you can watch it too. Both Pearl Gonzalez and Cortney Casey are inexperienced pros with extensive amateur experience. In round one, there was a low blow to Casey that was not called. Afterwards, the ref admitted he didn't see it. I thought Cortney got the better of the submission attempts so I score round one 10-9 for Cortney. Same thing with round two. I thought it was a very competitive fight. This continues in round three but Pearl hooks an armbar and that ends it. Cortney is protesting that Pearl's spray tan made her too slippery. She says she wants a rematch. I guess there's a first time for everything. My guess is her protest will be unsuccessful. If the Tennessee athletic commission didn't see anything to raise a red flag before the fight, it is unlikely they will admit they missed something. And of course they aren't looking for spray tan. They're looking for anything that would be problematic. I wouldn't be surprised if Cortney got a rematch anyway. Check out the video for yourself.

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