Monday, October 14, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ashlee Evans-Smith vs Fallon Fox

Here is the fight video of Ashlee Evans-Smith vs Fallon Fox from Saturday's CFA show. Of course the controversy about Fallon Fox is she is transgender and should she be allowed to fight women. I agree with medical experts who know the fight business that she should have been tested before being approved to fight women. The transgender advocates who don't like that position don't know the fight business. The problem was Fallon's transgender status was discovered by accident and she had no intention of revealing that to potential opponents. Not even the promoter knew. No matter what she and her scumbag manager say, that kind of deception is not acceptable. She became a cause celebre for politically correct dopes. And she was the odds on favourite going into this fight. But I saw in her last fight that Fallon had trouble with a fighter who she should have beaten easily. She was having trouble with her gas tank. So I thought a more accomplished fighter would have a good chance of beating her. And Ashlee is a four time All American wrestler. In the first round, Fallon makes the mistake of not respecting that and she ends up on the bottom. She does come back and scores with knees. But Ashlee takes her down again. I scored round one 10-9 Ashlee. Ashlee did the same thing in round two and Fallon was saved by the bell. The ref messed up. He didn't hear the bell. I scored round two 10-9 Ashlee. Fallon tried to take Ashlee down in round three but the main reason Ashlee was winning this fight was her superior wrestling skills. And this time Ashlee got in a good ground and pound position and the ref stopped the fight. Ashlee Evans-Smith wins by TKO. You will notice the idiot in Fallon's corner was whining about the stoppage. The stoppage was fine. She wasn't getting out of that and she was losing anyway. Maybe the lack of respect for Ashlee and stupid arrogance led to Fallon's loss. Instead of whining about nothing, eat some humble pie and show some sportsmanship. Fallon Fox is someone who thought she could use deception to sneak into women's MMA. But it turns out she's not as good as she thinks she is. The first time she faces an accomplished fighter, she loses. I guess it surprised a lot of people. But not me. Enjoy the video!

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