Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gail Kim is the new TNA Knockouts Champion

Here is the match video of the three way match for the TNA Knockouts Championship from Sunday's TNA PPV. ODB won the title recently when Mickie James' contract ran out. Gail Kim and Brooke challenge for the title. The Knockouts division has been terrible lately. Recently TNA hired former WWE producer John Gaburick as Vice President of TV Production. Gaburick has said that TNA management has allowed the Knockouts division to deteriorate and he plans to beef it up. Allowing Mickie to leave is one thing. But the other thing was they were planning a big push for Taryn Terrell and then she got pregnant. And not hiring Ivelisse Velez was a huge mistake and she may not want to work there now. As long time readers will know, I hate three way matches especially when they are booked for no reason like this one. But that is typical of TNA. When in doubt, overbook. The one thing I will say is Gail Kim takes some heavy bumps compared to the other two. This is mainly to get her out of the way so ODB and Brooke can work. But neither of are very good. We have a ref bump at the end. And then Lei'D Tapa comes out and helps Gail win. So I guess she will be Gail's bodyguard, huh? Haven't I seen that somewhere else recently? Morons! Enjoy the video!
Bound For Glory 2013 - Brooke vs Gail Kim vs ODB by MarcLovley

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