Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kajagoogoo

Song:Too Shy
Album:The Very Best of Kajagoogoo and Limahl

The British group Kajagoogoo scored a top five hit in 1983 with Too Shy. In North America they are perceived as a one hit wonder. They were a bigger deal in England and lead singer Limahl went on to solo success after he left in 1983. The band was formed in 1979 as Art Nouveau in Leighton Buzzard, England. They were an instrumental group with Steve Askew on guitar, Stuart Croxford Neale on keyboards, Nick Beggs on bass and Jeremy "Jez" Strode on drums. They released a single but they realized they needed a singer and they held auditions in 1982. They chose Christopher Hamill who went by the stage name Limahl. The name Kajagoogoo is based on baby talk. While working as a waiter at London's Embassy Club, Limahl met Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. He got them a deal with EMI Records and Rhodes produced Too Shy. It topped the British Singles chart and then reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Follow up singles and the album White Feathers did well in England. While on tour in England, tension rose between Limahl and the rest of the band. He was fired and Nick Beggs took over as lead singer. It was a clash of egos. Limahl was becoming difficult to work with and he had to go. Limahl signed a solo deal and had success with the theme from the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. Kajagoogoo continued and with their third album Extra Play, they renamed themselves Kaja. But it didn't help and they split up in Dec. 1985. This EMI Europe comp has Kajagoogoo and Limahl hits. Kajagoogoo reunited for VH1's Bands Reunited in 2003. The original five members released an album in 2008. They have individual projects but we could see new music from Kajagoogoo in the future. Here's the video for Too Shy by Kajagoogoo. The girl in the video is played by model Carolyn Espley. She went on to marry comedian Dennis Miller.

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