Sunday, June 28, 2009

MIKU successfully defends DEEP Lightweight Championship

MIKU defended the DEEP Women's Lightweight Championship against Lisa Ward on DEEP's June 28th show at the Toyama Techno Hall in front of 1318 of MIKU's hometown fans. Of course Lisa won over MIKU three years ago. But MIKU has improved tremendously and is now one of Japan's top fighters. There was a little drama at yesterday's weigh in at Club Barbarian. Apparently MIKU took a tumble while riding her bike a couple of weeks ago and suffered an inner ear injury. There was some doubt that she would fight but she said she was OK at the weigh in. Of course Lisa said the result would be the same as three years ago. For the most part, it appears that MIKU controlled the match. She took Lisa down in round one and though an attempted armbar was unsuccessful, Lisa was on defense for the entire round. It seemed to take a lot out of her. MIKU displayed a lot of tenacity and Lisa couldn't shake her off even when she lifted MIKU off the mat. This continued in round two as MIKU demonstrated her improved standup with a knee kick to the body. MIKU pounded Lisa's abdomen in round three with punches and kicks until she won by an armbar submission at 2:53 of round three. Apparently Lisa's side was injured during round three. Of course Megumi Fujii was in attendance taking pictures. She entered the ring afterwards and heaped praise on MIKU for her victory. A showdown between these two is on the horizon. MIKU was very excited to win in her hometown and it shows how much progress she has made.

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