Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angelina Love successfully defends TNA Knockouts Title

Here's the video footage from the TNA Knockouts matches from Sunday's Slammiversary PPV. Angelina Love successfully defended the TNA Knockouts Title over Tara. The match was OK. It was nothing special. It's designed to launch a feud between them probably resulting in a Tara heel turn at some point. The interference from the Beautiful People was as expected and Tara going after them outside the ring is what cost her the match. My only quibble is do they have to make the ref so clueless. TNA does this way too much and they did it several times during this match. I have also incuded the video of the Monster's Ball match with Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs Raven & Daffney. Though the angle is stupid and I normally don't care for this type of match, this one is reasonably entertaining and Taylor gives a standout performance. Of course this kind of garbage wrestling is to be expected from Abyss & Raven but we look at Taylor as this cute little girl and who would expect that she is capable of some of this stuff. The leap from the speaker stand onto Daffney on a table is particularly memorable. Taylor & Daffney are having a thumbtack match on Impact this week. We'll see how that goes. Maybe this performance will convince TNA to knock off the Upset Queen crap and elevate Taylor to a bigger role. I'm not surprised she has the ability and she deserves credit for taking advantage of this opportunity. Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Tara might just do better as a hell. I love her time in the WWE, back when she had the psycho gimmick. Maybe she can hook up with Steven Richards again.