Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michelle McCool is the new WWE Women's Champ

It's been a while since the WWE has had a women's match on a PPV. But just to show that I give them equal time, here's the video of Michelle McCool winning the WWE Women's Championship over Melina. Melina has been a very ineffective babyface champ so I think this was inevitable. It's a decent match. Michelle does a very good job working on Melina's knee and Melina even remembers to sell it. The only problem with the match is the crowd is dead. The girls worked hard so they're not to blame. Neither the WWE or TNA push women's matches on PPVs as significant so I don't expect fans to care. It's unfortunate but it's a good match so check it out.


  1. Michelle McCool is one of the most improved wrestlers on the diva roster. Honestly, she was quite terrible in the begining, but it seems she learned a lot from Dave Finlay. I like her aggression. All she need is to further her "education" in Japan and she'll be solid. Seriously, a few months under Mariko Yoshida's wing can do wonders.

  2. More so...

    McCool became more technical over the years. I have to say she turned out way better than most of the girls who won that Diva search.

  3. I dunno about that but I can assure you that bonking the Undertaker guarantees Michelle a spot in the WWE.