Monday, June 08, 2009

Kyle Busch channels Pete Townsend

So a funny thing happened at Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Nashville. The trophy for winning the race is a custom built Gibson guitar with artwork by the well known artist Sam Bass. Bass does a lot of NASCAR paint schemes. So Kyle Busch won the race and proceeds to smash the guitar a la Pete Townsend in Victory Lane. Of course fans are outraged because many hate Kyle anyway and the ESPN broadcasters are dumbfounded. Apparently he planned this. He told his crew that he wanted them to have a piece of the trophy. He told NASCAR he was going to do this and he even told Sam Bass and has promised to buy two guitars from him. Of course the guitar is very durable and I don't think it shattered the way he wanted. Kyle said yesterday that a bandsaw would cut the guitar into pieces and each member of the crew will get a piece. I thought his behaviour at last week's Nationwide Series race when he left teammate Joey Logano twisting in the wind was a lot worse but I guess he doesn't understand how silly this made him look. Check out this clip from WSMV-TV in Nashville featuring reaction by Sam Bass.

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