Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Arisa Nakajima quits the joshi business

JWP announced today that they have released Arisa Nakajima from her contract and she announced her retirement from joshi effective immediately. Well, they're calling it a retirement but it's probably more accurate to say she quit the joshi business. Arisa's 20th birthday is this Thursday. Obviously it's unfortunate that someone so young with so much potential should quit but it's not surprising. Most fans have probably forgotten that when Arisa was first in the joshi business during the last days of A To Z, she quit the business when they closed. She was convinced to return soon after. As was suspected when Commando Bolshoi announced her absence on Apr. 26, there's nothing physical wrong with her. But she has suffered from bouts of depression in the past. Arisa apologized for all the trouble she has caused but she's lost the desire to be in wrestling. She said it was a very tough decision but this is the right thing for her. It really hurts JWP as she had potential to be a main event performer down the road. Whatever Arisa's personal demons may be, let's all wish her happiness in whatever she chooses to do with her life. I guess she couldn't find it in the joshi business.

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