Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yabushita wins in GCM Demolition

GCM Demolition has occasionally run womens MMA matches. They added one at the last minute to their July 27 Differ Ariake show. You might think it was with obscure fighters but womens MMA legend Megumi Yabushita took this fight against up and comer Emi Fujino. That's a little strange. The fight was scheduled for three three minute rounds and there was no ground and pound allowed. Well, that fits in with Yabushita's judo and submission style. Fujino's goal was to keep attacking Yabushita with strikes to keep from being thrown around. That didn't work too well. Fujino backed Yabushita into the corner but Yabushita's judo throw put Fujino into the position of being subjected to various submission attempts. That was the basic pattern of the match. Fujino would attempt the same strategy but it was ineffective against Yabushita. All she could do was survive. Yabushita wasn't able to put Fujino away but won a unanimous decision. Here's a few pics from the match.

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