Monday, January 01, 2018

The 2017 Big Bad Blog Personality Of The Year-Asuka

For the last few years, I have done a women's MMA fighter of the year. I was thinking about a couple of possibilities. But they all seemed more likely for 2018 depending on how things go. For 2017, no one has had the year that Asuka has had. And she is likely to surpass what she has already done in 2018. I have covered Asuka's entire career. And the changes she made after she worked for Battlearts in 2009 followed by a complete makeover and a main event position at SMASH are still evident today. All credit to SMASH manager Yoshihiro Tajiri who believed in Asuka. That's the Asuka that HHH watched on video and he made it clear to her that's who he wanted. The whole thing has turned out much better than any Kana fans would have thought. But remember if she hadn't come to the WWE, I'm pretty sure Asuka would have retired Oct. 2015. That's what she told Tokyo Sports. She wasn't making any money wrestling in Japan. Her graphic design business was how she made her living. Asuka was the NXT Women's Champion until she left to go to the main roster. She brings her winning streak with her. And don't forget Bill Goldberg gave her the streak. So it's inevitable that in 2018, Asuka will become the RAW Women's Champion probably at Wrestlemania. And to think of all the remarkable things she has already done. Last night I watched what I think was Asuka's best 2017 match. And that's her Last Woman Standing match vs Nikki Cross. This match was inspired by a backstage brawl the two did on an episode of NXT. That went so well that a Last Woman Standing match was suggested. I doubt that Asuka knew what that was because that kind of match isn't done in Japan. Considering that, Asuka and Nikki planned one hell of a match with plenty of drama and cliffhangers. Don't be surprised if these two cross paths sometime in 2018. They have great chemistry. Asuka is probably the best wrestler in the world right now. But I don't expect that she will ever credit for that because there is plenty of misogyny out there that won't give women credit for anything. Most wrestlers know how great she is and many of them say so. Plenty of Japanese wrestlers go to her hair salon in Yokohama. So the wrestling business gives her credit. Of course I have written about her for years. I'm just glad things in the WWE have gone well for her. And as I said, it's only going to get better in 2018.

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