Friday, March 10, 2017

RENA's opponent named for Apr. 16 RIZIN show

Today RIZIN announced RENA's opponent for the Apr. 16 Yokohama Arena show. The fight is contracted for 49kg. Her name is Dora Perjes. She is 27 years old from Budapest, Hungary. With a 7-1 record, she is certainly has the most experience of any of RENA's opponents to date. Of course the problem is most of her wins have been on the Hungarian regional circuit. Her last two fights were for XFC in Brazil. I watched one of those fights where Dora won with a leglock. She was fighting a debutante who dropped Dora with a punch. She got careless and Dora got the leglock. In her most recent fight, Dora lost to Vuokko Katainen on the Mar. 14, 2015 XFC show in Brazil. Of course the problem is she hasn't fought in two years. I don't know the circumstances of course. She was supposed to fight for Euro FC. But they closed before launching so everything was cancelled. Her opponent in that fight Magdalena Sormova is fighting for PANCRASE this Sunday. So she has a good record that may be padded. I don't expect RENA to have any trouble with her.

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