Saturday, March 11, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Purson

Song:Leaning On A Bear
Album:The Circle And The Blue Door

If you're a fan of 70s progressive rock, you may want to check out Purson who are certainly trying to emulate that sound. They are from London, England. Rosalie Cunningham is the group leader. She is the lead singer and she plays guitar and keyboards. She also writes and produces everything with bassist Ed Turner. Other members are William Cunningham on sax and Raphael Mura on drums. Rosalie formed her first band Ipso Facto in 2007. They released a few singles and split up in 2009. Purson was formed immediately afterwards. Apparently Purson is one of the Kings Of Hell. Rosalie wanted to name the band after a god. But she couldn't find one she liked so she named it after a demon instead. They signed with Rise Above Records in England and Metal Blade in the US. Their 2013 debut CD The Circle And The Blue Door was highly acclaimed by progressive rock fans. Fans of 70s progressive rock should check it out. For the 2016 album Desire's Magic Theatre, Purson switched to the Finnish label Spinefarm. After the album was recorded, Turner was replaced by Justin Smith. Guitarist George Hudson and keyboardist Samuel Shove were brought in for the tour so Rosalie could concentrate on vocals. Rosalie announced at the final show of the tour that Purson was disbanding which is similar to what happened to Ipso Facto. She has worked in other bands so I'm sure we'll hear from Rosalie again. But Purson looked to have potential. Maybe Rosalie should record solo. She certainly has talent. Here's the video for Leaning On A Bear by Purson.

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