Friday, March 31, 2017

AccuRadio Wong Of The Day-Marillion

Song:Warm Red Circles
Album:A Singles Collection 1982-1992

The progressive rock group Marillion had success in the 80s mostly in their native England and Europe. Most of their success was as an album and touring band. This changed significantly when the lead singer left but Marillion is still around today. Marillion was formed in 1979 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. The key figure in the early days of Marillion was lead singer Derek "Fish" Dick who wrote most of the lyrics. The other members are Steve Rothery on guitar, Mark Kelly on keyboards, Pete Trewavas on bass and Ian Mosely on drums. Except for Fish, this has been the band lineup since 1984. Marillion signed with EMI in 1982 and they released their debut album Script for A Jester's Tear in 1983. They had success mostly in England. The one criticism is they sounded too much like Genesis. They continued to have success in England and even got some radio play in the US while touring. By the time of the 1987 release of Clutching At Straws, Marillion was worn out from the constant touring. Fish blamed this on the group's manager who was making 20% of the gross. He was making all the money and the band was doing all the work. So he gave them a choice and Fish left Marillion in 1988. Fish has recorded solo since 1990 mostly on his own label. Steve Hogarth was brought in as the new lead singer. Hogarth also played keyboards and he became the new lyricist. They weren't as successful but they still did OK. Marillion left EMI in 1995 but they are still around and they just released a new live CD. This budget comp covers their 80s singles. Here's the video for Warm Red Circles by Marillion. Most of this video was filmed at a show in Germany.

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