Sunday, March 26, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Trans-X

Song:Living On Video
Album:On My Own

The 1983 song Living On Video was very successful on the dance charts. This kind of synth pop was very popular at the time. The man behind Trans-X was Pascal Languirand. He was born in Paris and he grew up in Montreal. He liked to mess around with electronic keyboards and in the late 70s, he released a couple of albums of space music. In 1982, Languirand formed Trans-X with keyboard player Steve Wyatt. They released the 1983 album Message On The Radio on the Canadian dance music label Matra. Living On Video caught on in the dance clubs and it became a big hit. Languirand wrote and performed all the keyboards and he also sang. Wyatt was on Trans-X's first album and then he was replaced by dance music producer Richard Buck. The girl in the song was Laurie Gill but Languirand usually toured with his wife Denise. Living On Video was a big hit in Europe and it was a big dance hit. The release history is confusing because Trans-X was on Atco in the US and Polydor in Europe. So the song turned up on several different albums. This has been clarified by Montreal label Unidisc who bought Matra in 1988 and today they specialize in releasing classic Canadian hits on CD. On My Own was first released in Canada in 1983. Atco released the album Living On Video in 1985 and On My Own was released in 1988. Unidisc released On My Own on CD in 2011 with bonus tracks. And Living On Video is on all kinds of various artists CDs. Languirand retired Trans-X in 1986 and went back to recording space music. He revived Trans-X after moving to Spain in 1994. He now lives in Mexico. He has worked with several singers. But when he last recorded as Trans-X in 2012, the singer was Argentinian Corina Lawrence. I expect we'll hear from Trans-X in the future. Here's the video for Living On Video by Trans-X.

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