Wednesday, March 01, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bay City Rollers

Artist:Bay City Rollers
Song:Saturday Night
Album:The Definitive Collection

With their screaming fans, the Bay City Rollers seemed like they were everywhere in the mid-70s. Though they were a much bigger deal in England, Saturday Night was their only number one hit in North America. And they were forgotten by the late 70s. It might surprise you how long they were around before they hit the jackpot. The Bay City Rollers were formed in 1966 in Edinurgh, Scotland by bassist Alan Longmuir, his drummer brother Derek Longmuir and lead singer Gordon "Nobby" Clark. They threw a dart at a US map and it landed on Bay City, MI. They called themselves Bay City Rollers. Among those who were early members of the group were David Paton and Billy Lyall who went on to form Pilot. They signed with Bell Records in 1971. Their first single was a cover of The Gentrys' Keep On Dancing. It was a top ten hit in England. They struggled for the next couple of years and guitarist Eric Faulkner joined the group. Clark left and was replaced by Les McKeown and then guitarist Stuart "Woody" Wood solidified the lineup that would become famous. They began to have success on the British charts just as McKeown and and the arrival of the veteran production and songwriting team of Bill Martin and Phil Coulter. They produced the popular singer Sandie Shaw. BCR finally scored number one hits in England with Bye Bye Baby and Give A Little Love. By early 1975, they were the biggest act in England. Their mostly teen female fans wore tartan to concerts. Meanwhile, Clive Davis had purchased Bell Records and changed the name to Arista. Saturday Night topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. The album Bay City Rollers was released followed quickly by Wouldn't You Like It? and Rock 'n' Roll Love Letter. Three albums in six months and all were certified Gold. They also had two other top ten hit singles. It was over by the late 70s as the band were burnt out. The 1977 album It's A Game was their final charted album. McKeown was replaced by Duncan Faure. They left Arista for Epic in 1980. They quit touring in 1981. This budget comp has all their hits. BCR last recorded in 1985 but they have reunited occasionally. They announced plans for a tour and a new album in 2016. It doesn't look like that ever happened. Here's the Bay City Rollers performing Saturday Night on The Midnight Special 1976. Check out the crowd.

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  1. Absolutely, positively love that song growing up in the 70's it is one of my favorites and a real guilty pleasure of mine. Was played at our high school as well. We loved that music.