Monday, March 13, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Louis C.K.

Artist:Louis C.K.
Song:My 3-Year-Old Is A 3-Year-Old

There was a time when comedy albums were best sellers. Back in the 60s, Bob Newhart outsold a lot of music. These days comedians depend on doing stand up comedy on HBO and Comedy Central and making good money from DVD sales. Sometimes CDs are released with the DVD. Such is the case with Louis C.K., one of today's most popular comedians. He was born Louis Szekely Sept. 12, 1967 in Washington, DC. His family moved to Mexico when he was a child. His father is Mexican. Then they moved to Boston and Louis said he wanted to be a writer influenced by Richard Pryor and George Carlin. After graduating high school, he worked as a mechanic and at a public access TV station where he learned to produce. He began to do standup in 1985 and then he moved to New York in 1989. HBO released his first comedy special in 1996. He was a regular on the late night talk show circuit. Louis was nominated for an Emmy for his 2008 Showtime special Chewed Up. He produced Hilarious in 2009 and then sold it to Epix and Comedy Central. It aired in 2010 and it was released on CD and DVD on 2011. Like most of his comedy, My 3-Year-Old is A 3-Year-Old focuses on Louis' family life. the routine is pretty funny though a little long. The CD is available but the DVD is out of print. Louis continues to tour doing standup and he releases occasional CDs. He has also done films and TV. His biggest success is the FX sitcom Louie which has run for five seasons. Louis hasn't decided yet if the show will continue. He is currently working on a couple of other shows that may not allow him to return to Louie. Here's Louis C.K. performing My 3-Year-Old Is A 3-Year-Old from the DVD Hilarious. This video is not on Youtube.

Louis CK - 3 year old (fig newton) PL from Kaziu on Vimeo.

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