Friday, March 03, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Peyton Royce

Here's the match video of Asuka defending her NXT Women's Championship against Peyton Royce from this week's NXT show. I am posting Asuka's matches for those who don't have the WWE Network. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are doing a mean girls gimmick that is too much like LayCool for me. However, they are good at playing terrified heels and both are improving as wrestlers. Peyton won the title shot in a three way over Ember Moon and Liv Morgan. At the start of the match, Asuka has things well in hand until she goes outside the ring and Peyton posts her shoulder. Peyton works on Asuka's shoulder. And Asuka to her credit continues to sell her shoulder. You would be surprised how many wrestlers forget to do that. Typically, Peyton gets overconfident and wastes way too much time. And that allows Asuka to recover. But Peyton hits a spinning head kick that should give her the win...but it doesn't. This leads to Asuka hitting a flying armbar which she transitions into the Asuka lock and it's over. Asuka retains her title and remains undefeated. I have no problem with a competitive match because squashes all the time would be boring. Afterwards, Billie attacks Asuka and they double team her until Ember Moon makes the save. Asuka and Ember Moon have a staredown so that begins the build towards the next Takeover show in Orlando. I liked Ember Moon when she was Athena in indies. But so far the Ember Moon character has been blah. And I hate her finisher. It takes too long to set up. Meanwhile, Asuka is working some Smackdown house shows beginning next week. She's filling in for the injured Naomi. Asuka is due to be moved up to Smackdown shortly anyway. That's what she told Tokyo Sports in a January interview. Will Asuka's winning streak continue? Well, the WWE loves streaks. And Goldberg even congratulated Asuka on her winning streak. Enjoy the video!
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