Thursday, March 02, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-White Town

Artist:White Town
Song:Your Woman
Album:Women In Technology

Your Woman topped the British charts in 1997 and it was a top 30 hit in North America. It is the only big hit for Jyoti Mishra AKA White Town. He was born July 30, 1966 in Rourkela, India but he grew up in Derby, England. At first White Town was a band formed in 1989 when Mishra saw The Pixies. The group name was because of Mishra as an East Indian growing up in a small English town. After releasing an EP in 1990, he signed with Parasol Records but he also decided he preferred to make music at home with synthesizers and samplers. He sometimes brings in musicians but mostly Mishra records solo. he released two EPs and an album on Parasol. He recorded Your Woman in 1996 on the EP Abort, Retry, Fail. The song got enough attention to get Mishra a record deal with EMI's Chrysalis label. The album Women In Technology was released in 1997. Your Woman topped the British singles chart and reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was a big hit globally. Of course most folks remember the trumpet riff. That was sampled from the 1932 song My Woman by crooner and big band leader Lew Stone. Mishra says he heard that song on the British miniseries Pennies From Heaven. Mishra only recorded one album for Chrysalis and it is available as a budget CD. It's on plenty of various artists comps. Since then Mishra has recorded on his own label. His latest album was released in 2011 though he has released a couple of singles more recently. When asked about being a one hit wonder, Mishra says "it's better than being a no hit wonder". Here's the video for Your Woman by White Town. This video is on Youtube but the Vimeo version is better quality.

White Town - Your Woman from Anatoly Pupyshev on Vimeo.

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