Monday, March 27, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bebo & Chucho

Artist:Bebo & Chucho
Song:Tres Palabras
Album:Juntos Para Siempre

Of course most jazz fans should be familiar with legendary Cuban pianist Jesus "Chucho" Valdes. And I think most are aware of his father Dionisio "Bebo" Valdes. After many years of separation, they recorded this 2008 album. In the 50s, Bebo was a big part of the local jazz scene in Cuba. But he defected in 1960 and moved to Europe. He lived in Stockholm, Sweden for many years. Meanwhile, Chucho was the leader of the Cuban jazz boom of the 80s as leader of Irakere. Bebo was very happy for Chucho but he never thought he would see him again as Chucho still lived in Cuba. In 1994, Chucho's Irakere partner Paquito D'Rivera went to Sweden to record the album Bebo Rides Again with Bebo Valdes. It was Bebo's first recording since the 50s. Then while planning the 2000 documentary Calle 54, Fernando Trueba announced plans to reunite Bebo and Chucho for the film. After the film was released, Trueba started his own record label and signed Bebo Valdes. He had Bebo record with singer Diego El Cigala and then Bebo recorded a couple of solo CDs. But what Trueba really wanted to do was have father and son record. Of course the main barrier to this is Chucho's busy tour schedule. He was finally able to get them together and Juntos Para Siempre was released in 2008. The album won the Best Latin Jazz Album Grammy and it also won a Latin Grammy. It's a great album. And the best thing is Bebo was very happy. He said his life is now complete. Bebo Valdes died on Mar. 22, 2013 at age 94. Here's Bebo & Chucho performing Tres Palabras in 2007.

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