Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 11

On this week's episode of WWE Total Divas, we get an overload of stupidity about the romantic adventures of these women. After last week's cliffhanger of John Cena presenting girlfriend Nikki Bella with a co-habitation agreement, she's not happy about it and moves to a hotel to figure out if she wants to sign it. She claims she doesn't know why Cena wants her to sign this agreement. This is hard to believe because most WWE fans know that Cena went through a bad divorce and it isn't surprising that a multi-millionaire would want to protect himself from financial ruin in any relationship. So shouldn't Nikki know that? This stupidity is hard to fathom. Her sister Brie is equally stupid so she's no help. But mom explains it all to Nikki when they talk on the phone. Of course she is still upset about it. You may recall that Ariane of The Funkadactyls was having abdominal pains and there might be something wrong with her. Apparently she is experiencing pain during sex with her boyfriend Vincent. She thinks his...ahem...member is too big. She tells Trinity and Trinity agrees with viewers that this is too much information. So Ariane goes to a gynecologist and there's nothing wrong with her. Then Ariane and Vincent go to a sex therapist. Not surprisingly, the sex therapist suggests that Ariane is uptight about sex and recommends vibrators and other sex toys. I think Ariane is uptight about a lot of things. Vincent thinks buying sex toys will solve the problem. That's doubtful but at least these two comedians are still together. Oh, you mean this isn't supposed to be funny? Coulda fooled me. Diva in training Eva Marie makes the mistake of training with Nattie Neidhart's husband TJ Wilson. I understand she wants to learn wrestling moves but she would be better off training with anyone but TJ because Nattie is very insecure and not surprisingly goes bonkers. One good thing in this segment is an appearance by former WCW wrestler Norman Smiley who is a WWE trainer. So Nattie tries to make TJ jealous by training with Fandango and then she yells at Eva Marie. Nattie makes up with TJ and realizes her overreaction. This seems to be a regular habit for her. I'm not really buying this storyline. With Bryan Danielson's increased schedule due to John Cena's injury, Brie Bella complains about not spending enough time with him. He tells her that it comes with the territory and even Nikki tells Brie she is too needy. One would think Brie would have some insight into the time commitments for a big WWE star like Daniel Bryan. She doesn't. More stupidity. Finally Nikki has dinner with Cena to discuss the co-habitation agreement. Cena admits he should have given it to her before she moved in. If he had done that, we wouldn't have had all this drama on the show. Oh, wait. He explains that he needs to protect himself as he supports his family in Boston. Nikki seems to accept that explanation. They don't show her signing the document but I assume she did. Unless this whole thing was made up for the show. I could say that about this whole episode. Check out the video for yourself.
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 11 by wwetotaldivas

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