Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review of the Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 12

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Cody Bollinger missed weight and Anthony Gutierrez got a bye into the semi finals? Well. it was deja vu all over again on this week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18. Gutierrez was supposed to fight Davey Grant for a spot in the finals. But Gutierrez missed weight and got kicked off the show. The talk has been he eats a lot of junk food but was very confident he could make weight anyway. Ronda Rousey was concerned and talked to him. But when he woke up the day of the fight heavier than when he went to sleep, he was in big trouble. Ronda tried to help him but he couldn't do it and he gave up. To prove that weight cutting is mind over matter, Ronda cut to 135lb overnight when she didn't need to. It wasn't mentioned on the show but Shayna Bazsler and Jessamyn Duke confirmed that Ronda actually cut to 135. Ronda blamed herself for Gutierrez missing weight but Dana White told her not to do that. He told her that Gutierrez and Bollinger were both mentally weak and don't belong in the UFC. So Grant will face Chris Holdsworth in the TUF finale. They also did a coach's challenge where Ronda won over Miesha Tate in rock climbing. This was shown early in the episode but was actually filmed after Gutierrez was sent home. So once again creative editing is in play. Next week Team Rousey's Jessica Rakoczy will face Team Tate's Raquel Pennington for a spot in the final. Remember Jessica has a bad shoulder. Enjoy the video.

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