Monday, November 18, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 10

On this week's edition of WWE Total Divas, we get a major cliffhanger. We also get one of those contrived storylines that I would like the producers of the show and the WWE to stop doing. The episode begins with The Bella Twins preparing to go to Vancouver to guest star on the USA Network show Psych. WWE wrestlers have appeared on USA shows in the past as cross promotion. Nikki says she will go to Florida to witness boyfriend John Cena's tricep surgery but she will make it to the shoot. Remember a while back there was a phony storyline that had Diva in training Eva Marie trying out to be Fandango's dance partner though she couldn't dance? They do this again by having Eva Marie do ring announcing though she is clearly unqualified to do it. This girl is blindly ambitious and willing to do anything to be on TV. Corporate stooge Mark suggests this out of the blue and it becomes obvious that Eva Marie won't remember anyone's name. They know this and allow her to introduce a match on Superstars only because of Total Divas. And she's too stupid to admit that she can't do it. Of course she forgets Jinder Mahal's name. Then when she apologizes to him afterwards, she calls him Ginger. They think it's good TV but it's too phony for me. Eva Marie is dumb enough to get into trouble on her own. They don't need to come up with this junk. In a minor story, Trinity bugs her fiancee Jon Fatu about his big toe. She thinks it's infected but like a lot of guys, he won't go to the doctor. She drags him to the doctor for treatment. Meh. So Nikki Bella moves into boyfriend John Cena's house which includes a box of vibrators. Really? Vibrators? Then she accompanies Cena to the hospital for his surgery. BTW, the surgeon is world famous orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. The surgery is a success and they go home. Nikki dresses up in a sexy nurse costume. But then Cena springs a bombshell on her. After she has moved all her stuff across the country, he wants Nikki to sign a co-habitation contract. She already knew there would be no marriage. The cliffhanger is will she sign it? We'll find out next week. Enjoy the video of this week's episode of WWE Total Divas.
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 10 by wwetotaldivas

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