Monday, November 04, 2013

MIZUKI vs Emi Tomimatsu set for DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship

Emi Tomimatsu, MIZUKI
At today's DEEP JEWELS show at Shinjuku FACE, the final of the DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship tournament was set and Ham Seo Hee successfully defended her DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship. In one match Mika Nagano faced Emi Tomimatsu. Nagano had won their previous match in March. Tomimatsu got the edge in round one with striking. Nagano is a grappler and striking isn't her strength. Nagano took Tomimatsu down in round two but Tomimatsu worked well on the bottom. And then she turned it around and applied a rear naked choke. Emi Tomimatsu won by unanimous decision. MIZUKI faced Emi Fujino in the other tournament match. MIZUKI previously beat Fujino in a 2010 J-Girls kickboxing match. Fujino came out aggressively. But MIZUKI is an effective counterpuncher. Then Fujino tried to take her down. But MIZUKI applied an armbar from the bottom. MIZUKI had an answer for everything Fujino tried and was more effective. I guess Fujino thought she could fluster MIZUKI with aggression. But MIZUKI may be an 18 year old kid. She doesn't fight like a kid. MIZUKI won by unanimous decision. She will face Tomimatsu at the next DEEP JEWELS show in February for the DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship. I expect MIZUKI to win. I expected Ham Seo Hee to successfully defend the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship against Sadae Manhoef unless something weird happens. Manhoef is primarily a kickboxer but Ham is an elite kickboxer. So Ham dominated while standing. But she did fine on the ground too. Ham Seo Hee wins by unanimous decision. In other fights, Sugi Rock broke a three fight losing streak. She dominated Masako Yoshida and won by unanimous decision. Sachiko Fujimori won by split decision over Megumi Sugimoto. Apparently the judges argued after the decision came down. It looks like a robbery may have taken place. And Yukiko Seki won by unanimous decision over the returning Madoka Ebihara. The next DEEP JEWELS show will be in February and MIZUKI vs Emi Tomimatsu for the DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship will be the main event.

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