Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Nanae Takahashi

Here's the match video of Io Shirai defending her World Of Stardom Championship against Nanae Takahashi on the Nov. 4 STARDOM show at Korakuen Hall. Apparently this was STARDOM's 100th show. Takahashi won the title shot by winning the 5 Star GP. Takahashi is a veteran wrestler and is part of STARDOM management. So she could pull rank if she wanted and get the title back that she previously held. And she might have done that if Shirai wasn't cutting it as champ. But Shirai is a great champ and Takahashi is not selfish. Two years ago I wouldn't have thought that Shirai could hang with Takahashi and deliver a great match. But she's improved so much she can have a great match with anyone. The only problem with this match is they are both babyfaces so there is no real conflict. It's a great match. Both are very athletic and the match is very quickly paced for the entire 30 minutes. Shirai does a moonsault from the balcony and plenty of other high flying moves. And Takahashi uses her size advantage and power to knock Shirai down to size. Shirai wins the match at 29:59 of the 30 minute time limit. Unfortunately, she messed up the finish. She set up Takahashi too far away from the corner and she didn't properly execute her diving moonsault footstomp finisher properly twice. But time was running out and they wanted a finish. Io Shirai is still the World of Stardom Champion. Her next challenger is JWP Open Weight Champion Arisa Nakajima who came to the ring after the match. That should be good. Enjoy the video!

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