Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 18 episode 11

As I said last week, I had heard about the favouritism accusations against Team Tate before the series started airing. With Team Tate teammates Julianna Pena and Sarah Moras facing each other, it was going to come to a head. The reason for the favouritism is that Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway have known Chris Holdsworth and Julianna Pena for a few years. Sarah Moras was upset because Miesha and Bryan were spending too much training time with Julianna. And even Caraway admits that Julianna is crazy and needy. Miesha thought that by removing herself from training either of them, that would solve the problem. But it didn't really help. And the other problem was that Julianna was already ostracized in the house and this just made it worse. It was shown that Julianna is a very annoying person but she has no insight about why she is annoying. She thinks everyone is jealous of her. I guess she is a very shallow person. Then in an effort to make her feel better, Miesha lies and tells Julianna that she was favoured because she works harder than the others. No one believes that. Sarah beat Julianna last year and she makes the same mistake that Shayna Bazsler made and underestimates Juilanna. She may be crazy and self doubting but she can fight. In round one, Julianna gets top position but doesn't do much with it. She does better in round two and after some pounding, Julianna wins with a guillotine choke. I thought she did great. But I wonder how much babysitting she will need when she's in the UFC. Someone needs to smarten her up. Next week, Chris Holdsworth of Team Tate will face Anthony Gutierrez of Team Rousey. Until then, enjoy the video of this week's episode.

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