Thursday, November 14, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of the Day-Sugarland

Song:Coming Home
Album:Gold and Green

Around this time of year I am always asked about Christmas music. What Christmas CDs are worth buying. I prefer to feature Christmas oldies but it depends on what AccuRadio plays and if there is a decent video clip. Most Christmas CDs that are released to today's market seem like record company cash cows. This is especially true of country music because avid fans will buy everything by a favourite artist. This 2009 CD by the popular group Sugarland is like that but some of the original songs like Coming Home are worthwhile. And it is a budget CD. Sugarland is lead singer Jennifer Nettles and guitarist and songwriter Kristian Bush. By 2009, they had become one of the hottest groups in country music with number one singles like All I Want To Do, Already Gone and It Happens. Sugarland was planning a new CD for 2010. But Mercury Nashville wanted to release something in 2009. The live CD/DVD Live on The Inside was released in August 2009 and did very well. They suggested to Sugarland and producer Byron Gallimore that maybe they could do a Christmas CD. Gold and Green was released in Oct. 2009 and it reached #3 on the Country Albums chart. So it did well but the album was criticized as inconsistent. The reason for that is the CD was not all new recordings. Five holiday standards including Winter Wonderland and Holly Jolly Christmas were first released as bonus tracks on the Wal-Mart only special edition of the 2006 CD Enjoy The Ride. Sugarland recorded five new songs for Gold and Green and they sound pretty good. I don't think Coming Home is a Christmas song but it has a gospel feel that Jennifer liked. But it's only available on this CD which is available as a budget release. If you're a devoted Sugarland fan, you might want the CD anyway. I think there's too much filler for anyone else. Sugarland has been on hiatus for the last year. Jennifer had a baby last year and will release a solo CD in January. Bush recently released a single to iTunes. They have said nothing about Sugarland's future but that may depend on how Jennifer's CD does. Here's Sugarland performing Coming Home on the 2009 Grammy Award nomination broadcast.

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