Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's official. Julianna Pena is a moron...but could be a good fighter

Immediately after last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 18, finalists Julianna Pena and Jessica Rakoczy appeared on Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1. Many fans outside the US don't get Fox Sports 1 and wouldn't get to see this interview. I had heard about it this morning and got the video so you all can watch it. If you've been watching TUF 18, you'll know that Julianna has pulled off a couple of major upsets. But she also comes off a little crazy and she admitted a in one episode that she doesn't understand why everyone in the house is annoyed with her. As viewers, we know why they are annoyed with her so why doesn't she know? After this interview, you'll know that the reason she doesn't know is she's a moron. Look, I have no problem with fighters talking smack if the fighter is good at it. Chael Sonnen is a great smack talker and so is Ronda Rousey. And Ronda doesn't always talk smack. She only does that with opponents she really hates. She didn't talk smack about Sarah Kaufman or Liz Carmouche. But for Julianna to talk smack just to do it makes her look foolish. First she says that Ronda is a spoiled rich brat. So Julianna, where's your Olympic medal? That's just an ignorant thing to say. Then she says that she wasn't the most annoying person in the house. She claims that Shayna Bazsler and Anthony Gutierrez were the most annoying. But what made Julianna look even worse was Jessica Rakozcy's reaction was typically Canadian. She laughed and said nothing. Of course she could have torn a strip off Julianna. But this was more effective anyway. I don't think Jessica would say anything bad about anyone. It's not her style. We'll see what happens on Saturday. I like Julianna because she fights with urgency. She showed a lot of fear before her TUF fights. Dana White said she wanted to go home before the Shayna Bazsler fight. But fear can be a great motivator. I think it's doubtful Julianna understands that because she hasn't shown insight about anything else. That fear could make her a star. Enjoy the video!

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