Friday, November 15, 2013

How about a Japan vs The World The Ultimate Fighter with 115lb female fighters?

This has been rumoured for several months but today UFC president Dana White announced on a Fox Sports radio show the the UFC plans to start a 115lb women's division. White says they are doing this a lot sooner than expected but the ratings for episodes of The Ultimate Fighter 18 have been significantly higher when women are fighting. I don't know when they are planning to sign fighters and book matches. And of course I don't know who they will sign. But you can be sure that several fighters currently fighting for Invicta are UFC bound. Their contracts aren't exclusive anyway. But Invicta has always said they would never prevent any fighter from going to the UFC. But it's clear the UFC plans a season of The Ultimate Fighter featuring 115lb female fighters. And there had better not be any guys on that season. I think they should do a Japan vs The World TUF. Japan is a market the UFC is trying to crack and filming a season there would certainly interest Japanese fans and advertisers. They could hold auditions in Vegas like they always do for the world team and of course Ronda Rousey would be the coach. Ronda has said she won't do TUF again. This could change her mind. The only person who should coach the Japanese team is Megumi Fujii. Fans have already asked me if Megumi will come out of retirement to come to the UFC. That would be OK with me but I don't believe she will. Usually when Japanese fighters and pro wrestlers retire, they stay retired. There are exceptions but very few. Retirement is a serious thing in the Japanese fight business. They film the Brazilian TUF in Brazil so they could film this in Japan. I think it would be a great season featuring two of the most knowledgeable martial artists in the world as coaches. Fighters can learn a lot from both of them. So make it happen, UFC. Team Fujii coached by women's martial arts pioneer Megumi Fujii vs Team Rousey coached by the current champ Ronda Rousey.

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