Friday, March 08, 2013

Will anyone ever agree to fight Fallon Fox?

Fallon Fox before and after courtesy of TMZ
So the big hoopla over the last week has been about this transgender fighter Fallon Fox who won her fight last week on a CFA show in Florida. I did not cover this show because I believe the tournament they are running is a glorified amateur tournament being labeled as pro by a promoter looking to charge PPV prices for green fighters. If I want to watch amateur fighters, I will watch Tuff 'N' Uff. I won't watch amateurs pretending to be pros. On this show Fallon Fox knocked her opponent out in less than a minute. This was Fox's first sanctioned fight. But it turns out the license may have been issued in error by the Florida athletic commission. If you want to read about incompetence and cronyism at that place, check out Zack Arnold at Fight Opinion. Because all of Fox's previous fights were on Native American owned casinos, she didn't have to be licensed. How's that for a loophole? The big debate is if transgender fighters should be allowed. I don't know the answer to that and neither does anyone else. The big question is should Fallon Fox and her manager have informed potential opponents that she is transgender? The common sense answer is of course they should have done that unless they are trying to hide something. One writer has attempted to portray this omission as an honest mistake. Does anyone with a brain really believe that? Certainly her manager should have known better. On Apr. 21, 2012, Fallon Fox won an amateur fight over Alyssa Vasquez at Rumble On The River in Rockford, IL. Like all of Fox's opponents, Vasquez was not aware that Fox is transgender until this week. In an interview with Bluegrass MMA, Vasquez said not revealing that fact was unfair. And if she had known Fox is transgender, she would not have accepted the fight. That is probably true of any fledgling fighter. So the only way Fallon Fox could have got any fights at all was through deception. And now that the truth is known, it's very unlikely that she will even get licensed. Florida is currently investigating her license application which is something they should have done before. You can be sure other states will not license her. And the CFA has postponed her upcoming fight. They might as well cancel it. So the Fallon Fox spin right now is she really wants to fight and get to the UFC. The truth is if she had revealed her transgender status to potential opponents up front, none of them would have accepted the fight and we wouldn't be talking about this. Her chances of fighting again are slim.

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