Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Nanae Takahashi vs Alpha Female

Today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theatre is Nanae Takahashi defending her World of STARDOM Championship against the big bruiser from Germany Alpha Female. When Alpha Female came to Japan last October, she terrorized Takahashi including beating her up in the bathroom. Their match ended in a 30 minute draw as Alpha Female was about to finish her. So I thought this match would be a heavy duty beatdown. It really wasn't. Takahashi got in a lot more offense than I expected. It just wasn't enough to finish Alpha Female. And the ending is way too abrupt. I think this match needed a more decisive beatdown to get Alpha Female over as a true monster. It's a good match but I don't think that part of the match was that successful. Alpha Female needed to be booked as impervious and that's not how it was booked. It needed more Alpha Female no selling Takahashi's offense. If you're going to book a monster heel, book her strong. Enjoy the video!
05. Nanae Takahashi (c) vs Alpha Female... by SenorLARIATO

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