Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ronda Rousey to coach The Ultimate Fighter 18

Last night, UFC president Dana White announced that UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 18. I think it's a good way to use Ronda until her next fight is announced and it could breathe new life into a long running show that some fans feel has gone stale. TUF ratings have been on a downward slide for years. The opposing coach will be the winner of the Apr. 13 Miesha Tate vs Cat Zingano fight. Coincidentally, that is The Ultimate Fighter 17 finale. The plan is to have male and female contestants but that could change depending on how many female fighters show up for the open tryouts. If they get more than expected, it could be changed to all female. I think making it mixed is hedging their bets in case not enough qualified female fighters try out. The qualifications are the fighters need to be 23 years old and have at least three fights with a winning record. And of course the ability to fight at 135lbs. Someone mentioned to me that more experienced fighters won't be interested in the TUF drama. For one thing, they're looking for younger fighters and I think they will get enough of those because a potential UFC contract is a really good incentive. Someone also asked if they will use female fighters already under UFC contract. My guess is if they get enough contestants at the tryout, the answer is no. This is a good way to find new talent and that's what the UFC is looking for. That's what The Ultimate Fighter is supposed to be about though recent editions have failed to do that. No I don't know who will win the fight to determine the other coach. And though I think Cat Zingano is a more qualified coach, I also think that Miesha Tate as a coach would result in more drama. And that what Zuffa wants in TUF. She and Ronda aren't exactly buddies. Considering Miesha's recent experience cornering her boyfriend Bryan Caraway's split decision loss, it could also result in unintentional comedy. The end result of The Ultimate Fighter 18 will be more female fighters with UFC contracts. Come one, come all.

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