Saturday, March 09, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kana

Song:Pas De Problemes
Album:Putumayo Presents World Reggae

Obviously when most folks think of reggae, they think of Jamaica. But there are reggae bands all over the world and the folks at Putumayo do a good job of showcasing bands from all over the world. Kana is from Mauritias and they have done well in France and other European countries. They were formed in 1997 by lead singer Phillippe "Zip" Rippoll. Other group members are Arthur Romijn on guitar, Matthias Dessagne on trumpet, Brice Adohan on bass, Victor Vagh on keyboards, Alex Chonville on drums and Pascal Chaune on sax. In 2000, they appeared on the French TV show MCM and that led to first place in a reggae competition. They had a hit single in France with Plantation in 2002. Unfortunately they were sued for plagiarism and had to pay 150,000 Euros in damages. Pas De Problemes is from their 2002 CD Entre Freres. This is only available as an mp3 download. It's the lead track on this Putumayo World Reggae CD. Other artists on this CD include Majek Fashek from Nigeria, Gnawa Diffusion from France, Chris Combette from French Guiana and Alpha Blondy from Ivory Coast. So the CD is a good sampler for reggae fans looking for off the beaten path sounds. Kana has released five CDs, most recently in 2010. They are very popular on the European music festival circuit. Here's the video for Pas De Problemes by Kana.

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