Thursday, March 07, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-A Foot in Coldwater

Artist:A Foot In Coldwater
Song:(Make Me Do) Anything You Want
Album:The Best Of A Foot In Coldwater

The Canadian band A Foot In Coldwater had their biggest success with (Make Me Do) Anything You Want in 1974. Unfortunately their record company went bankrupt and that killed the band. A Foot In Coldwater came out of the late 60s band Nucleus. They had a local following in Toronto and recorded one album. Before that they were known as The Lords of London. A Foot In Coldwater lead singer Alex Machin and guitarist Paul Naumann were in the band Island. Nucleus bassist Hugh Leggat spotted them and invited them to join Nucleus. Other members were Bob Horne on keyboards and Danny Taylor on drums. They signed with Daffodil Records and label owner Frank Davies gave them the name A Foot In Coldwater. The name is a British term for "a shocking experience'. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want was on their 1972 debut album and was a hit in Canada. Capitol picked them up in the US and the song was a hit in 1974. By this time, Daffodil was having financial problems and went bankrupt in 1975. The band attempted to continue and released a single on Anthem in 1977. Then they split up. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want got a big boost when Helix covered it in 1984. You can get this classic of Canadian music on this comp from Unidisc. Hugh Leggat formed Private Eye with his brother Gord. They released an album in 1981 and then another in 1982 as Leggat. He currently is a member of The Mississippi Hippies. Alex Machin released a solo album in 1985 but mostly became a session singer. More recently, he was lead singer of Moxy. Taylor and Naumann also became session musicians. Naumann died in 2009. A Foot In Coldwater have reunited occasionally but with Naumann's death, it's unlikely that will happen again. Here's A Foot In Coldwater performing (Make Me Do) Anything You Want in 1972.

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