Monday, March 11, 2013

Who cares about the TNA Knockouts Championship?

Here's the match video from last night's TNA Lockdown PPV with Velvet Sky defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim. But the real story here is the feud they are planning between Gail and Knockouts ref Taryn Terrell. I think most of us have seen this coming for the last couple of months. The problem with this feud is it has nothing to do with the Knockouts Championship. Why TNA chose to start this feud on a PPV instead of developing the story on Impact is beyond me. I guess like with Brooke Adams aka Miss Tessmacher, they really really really like Taryn. Of course fans never bought into Miss Tessmacher. I don't expect them to buy into Taryn either. The match on this video is besides the point. TNA didn't care about getting Velvet Sky over. They want to get Taryn over. But don't ask me how they are going to get the emphasis back to the title. Also on this video is the interview segment where Gail attacks Taryn. So let me get this straight. Gail Kim left the WWE because she got tired of putting over models. So she returns to TNA and she is still putting over models. At least she would have got more money at the WWE. Enjoy the video!
TNA Lockdown 2013 Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim... by MTOMAReviews

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