Tuesday, March 05, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Grouplove

Song:Tongue Tied
Album:Never Trust A Happy Song

The Los Angeles based indie rock band Grouplove seemed to break through to commercial success with the very catchy single Tongue Tied. They seem to be poised for bigger things when they release their next CD. The band formed in 2009. Lead singer and keyboard player Hannah Hooper met lead singer and guitarist Christian Zucconi in New York. He was a member of ALOKE and they released a CD in 2006. Hooper is an artist and has done some CD covers. She took him along to an artist in residency program in Crete where they met the other band members. They are Andrew Wessen on guitar, Sean Gadd on bass and Ryan Rabin on drums. Rabin is the son of former Yes member Trevor Rabin. Of course that means he has access to a recording studio. So they moved to Los Angeles for that reason. Grouplove started playing gigs and released an EP independently in 2010. This got them a record deal with Atlantic Records. Their major label debut Never Trust A Happy Song was released Sept. 2011. Tongue Tied was the second single and it topped the US Alternative Music chart. The song appeared in an iPod Touch commercial. So this very catchy song has been very successful. Now they need to follow it up with a new CD. My guess is we'll see it later this year. Here's the video for Tongue Tied by Grouplove.

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