Sunday, March 31, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Chris Isaak

Artist:Chris Isaak
Album:Best Of Chris Isaak

It's likely that singer, songwriter and actor Chris Isaak would never have had chart success without his association with filmmaker David Lynch. His only big hit Wicked Game became a hit after it appeared in Lynch's 1990 film Wild At Heart. Isaak was born June 26, 1956 in Stockton, CA. If you've listened to his music for more than 30 seconds, you'll know that he is heavily influenced by the Sun Studios sound of the 50s and especially Roy Orbison. Isaak formed his rockabilly band Silvertone while attending college and then he signed with Warner Bros. in 1985. Dancin' was the first single from his debut CD Silvertone. The song appeared in the film Modern Girls. The album didn't get any attention until Gone Ridin' was used in David Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet and that began a long and successful association between Lynch and Isaak. Wicked Game was on Isaak's 1989 CD Heart Shaped World. When the song was used in Lynch's 1990 film Wild At Heart, Atlanta DJ Lee Chesnut played it to death until it became a top ten hit in Feb. 1991. It seems Chesnut was a huge Lynch fan. It is Isaak's only big hit and you can get it on this budget comp. Isaak has also done some acting. His first film was Married To The Mob in 1988. But he had significant roles in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in 1992 and Little Buddha in 1993. Issak's latest CD Beyond The Sun was released Oct. 2011 and he recorded it at Sun Studios in Memphis. It's all covers of Sun rockabilly from the 50s. It is his first CD on Vanguard after leaving Warners. He is currently touring. Here's the video for Dancin' by Chris Isaak. The girl in the video is Sherry Stringfield from the TV series ER.

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