Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Kills

Artist:The Kills
Song:Future Starts Slow
Album:Blood Pressures

With their latest CD Blood Pressures, The Kills are building to mainstream success on both sides of the Atlantic. They have been around since 2003. The most interesting thing about The Kills is they got together by correspondence. Alison "VV" Mosshart is from Vero Beach, FL and was lead singer of the punk band Discount. Jamie "Hotel" Hince is from Buckinghamshire, England and was in bands like Fiji, Scarfo and Blyth Power. They met when Alison was on a European tour with Discount and when she returned to Florida, they exchanged song ideas by mail. After Discount split up in 2000, Alison moved to England. The duo performed in London clubs as VV and Hotel and settled on the name The Kills when they signed with Domino Records. Since 2003, The Kills have evolved from a dark punk influenced sound to a more mainstream indie rock sound. The 2011 CD Blood Pressures is their most successful CD to date. It reached #37 on the Billboard Hot 200. The album got a big boost when Future Starts Slow was used extensively in an episode of the CW TV series The Vampire Diaries. This is how bands are promoted these days. The Vampire Diaries appeals to young people and when they hear a song they like on the show, they find it at iTunes. This has helped The Kills a lot. Alison Mosshart is also part of the Jack White side project The Dead Weather. She calls herself Baby Ruthless. Jamie Hince is married to supermodel Kate Moss. The Kills' next CD will be very important as it could launch them to mainstream success. Here's the video for Future Starts Slow by The Kills.

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