Monday, January 28, 2013

Jessica Eye vs Munah Holland set for Apr. 4 Bellator show

Jessica Eye
It was reported today that Jessica Eye will face Munah Holland on Bellator's Apr. 4 show in Atlantic City. Munah trains at Team Tiger Shulman in New Jersey and several of her teammates will be on that show. So we know she will be the crowd favourite. But as we saw in her last fight against Michelle Ould, Munah needs to work on her ground game. She's a boxer and any fighter who tries to trade punches with her will have problems with her. So though Jessica prefers striking, she showed in her submission win over Zoila Gurgel that she is willing to adapt her fighting style to take advantage of her opponent's weakness. Some fighters won't do that. Until Munah has an answer for takedowns, any fighter has to take her down. So fans are asking me when Bellator will start their 125lb women's tournament. I expect it to begin in August. Some think this match should have been saved for the tournament. But they have to run some women's matches before that or there will be complaints that there are no women's matches at all. Bellator can't win. There will be complaints either way. Speaking of boxers, it was announced on the weekend that boxer Holly Holm will fight for Bellator next month in Albuquerque. She trains at Jackson's. Holly's MMA record is 2-0 and she has been boxing too. But a recent boxing match fell through and she has signed with Bellator. I don't know who her opponent is or what weight the fight will be at. She has fought at 135 in the past. I wonder if she plans to drop to 125. Again, we know she can box. What else can she do?

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